Flock of Seagulls

Flock of Seagulls

Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm Back!

Phew!  For a while there I wasn't sure if my creative spirit would emerge from a season of storms and discouragement.  Sure, I painted a few pieces, finished a couple others...but honestly it was a mechanical process...without connection to my inner artist.  Today, however, I entered my studio filled with both inspiration and motivation!  And voila!  This beautiful dancer emerged from the end of my pencil, encouraged by the colors on my brush.  She's Dancing to the Light.

Ever wonder why some things happen?? Like, when you show up somewhere, and wonder why you're there?  That happened to me yesterday.  I had the opportunity to connect with an old friend and watch her daughter dance in a competition.  While the conversation was wonderful, and the dancing amazing...more than once I asked myself what I was doing there.  I've never watched a dance competition before.  I asked myself, "wouldn't you rather be watching March Madness, cozy at home...".

The answer soon became: "You're supposed to be here!"  The inventive dance moves, the bright costumes, the music...all fed my creative spirit. I found myself reminded that a tu-tu does in fact resemble an up-side-down poppy.  A nudge by my friend suggesting I should paint a dancer pushed me forward.

And so, I am grateful...that my friend agreed to meet me...that her daughter decided to pursue her passion for dance.  But most especially that by simply "showing up" one can influence another in ways that may never be known.  Isn't that cool?